red handbags featured in NYT "On the Street" column

  1. NYT On the Street column.jpg
  2. Look at all of those lovely red bags! Thank you for sharing this.
  3. I love red. It's such a "pop" color. :tender:
  4. I want I want!!!
  5. OOh! Nice post! I love the candy-apple red., anyone?
  6. I LOVE my red Hype bag, the Ashbury! Pebbled leather, brass hardware, roomy, eye-popping color. Looks awesome with jeans. I only paid $125 and I get compliments whenever I wear it! EVERYBODY loves that RED bag!
  7. Where'd you get it, azyuwish? I've been eyeballing hype bags for a long time, but never actually sprung for one.

    BTW, LOVE the user name - I'm a HUGE Princess Bride fan! :yes:
  8. Lovely. Anyone know the bag(s) pictured second from the right in the top row, i.e., the two barrel bags, one big one with a little one clipped on?
  9. Pretty sure it's LV
  10. wow, thanks for posting, the red hermes are hot!
  11. Thanks for the info, Luna.

    I've become enamored lately with the Belen Echandia brand from Britain.

    Red is one of their new colors as is "petrol blue" -- search the forums for some threads on a great bag in "petrol blue" that a couple of tPFers have purchased.
    Here is:

    the Take Me Anywhere: $799

    the Indulge Me: $625

    the Hold Me: $399
  12. Now, I want a red bag!
  13. I love red bags! It's such a pretty color. I am currently eye-ing this red Hogan Convertible Shoulder Bag here.

  14. LUNA! im in love with the red MJ bag in your avitar can you PM me where i can possibly get 1! :smile: thanks

    and great posting i love love love red bags AMAZING accessory adds such a pop to everything!
  15. I love a shot of red with a more monotone colored outfit. Matching it with red shoes can be a challenge though esp. if the tones are far off.