Red Hampton Embossed Leather Hobo

  1. Has Anyone Ever Seen This On Line? It Has Suede On The Bottom. It Is Red
  2. i bought one at the outlet last night. it is like the book tote that came out this year with the leather signature but it is a hampton hobo. i can not find it anywhere on the wayback machine either.
  3. Did it go straight to outlets? If not, it should come up on the drilldown.
  4. are you referring to this one?
    if so, congrats! such a stylish bag!

    looking back, i wish i had $ to get this red one.
  5. Yes!! That Is The One. I Got It At The Outlet For Under $200. I Could Not Find It On Coach. How Did You Locate It. Thank You For Posting The Picture.
  6. congrats! you got a great deal - love that bordeaux color!

    well, i saved the picture from the coach website when it was still up a few months back. when i see bags on the site that pique my interest, i save them as my "Wish List" on my computer. is that weird?
  7. Loved that bag and color. I got the wristlet.
  8. I want a red bag, that is really really nice!!!
  9. That bag is kicken !!
  10. I do that too.
  11. So pretty and a great deal! Congrats - I love that shade of red!
  12. my thanks to everyone. i do love the bag.
  13. The bag sold out in that color in the full price store obviously with a few left throughout the country. Its definitely a good find at the outlet.