Red Hamilton question

  1. Hi

    I have been thinking about getting a large Red Hamilton this would be my first MK handbag purchase. I live 3 hours from the nearest MK so I would have to buy it online. I have not seen the bag IRL so I would love to see any IRL pics. Just wondering what the color looks like IRL don't like orangish red bags.

    Does it loose it's shape after awhile? Do I need to keep it pretty full for it not to bend at the top? Is there any thing else I should know about this bag? Any tricks on keeping it looking great? Thanks in advance :biggrin:
  2. The first thing you need to know if you don't like orangey reds is to get the CLARET. It's stunning!!! I almost bought it in the large myself (but ended up getting a Coach instead because I already had 2 Hamiltons). The claret is a deep bluish red - a cooler red - tending towards burgundy but still red. There is another MK red that is more of an orangey red and IMO isn't as nice at all as the Claret colour.

    I don't have a large Hamilton so I can't speak to that, but I love my 2 mediums and have heard nothing but good stuff from the people that own the large. It may be a little bit heavy with the hardware but it's certainly beautiful, well made and and classic!

    Let us know if you end up getting it!
  3. Thanks for your help. Also I know there is a red available at the outlet is there a different between the ones carried in the retail stores vs. the outlets?
  4. The outlet Hamiltons do not have the lock on the front, instead they have a metal plate that is engraved "michael kors". I think the size is different too - the medium is more of a cross between the e/w and n/s hamilton that the boutiques have. It's the perfect size in my opinion.
    Now, if the outlet has the Hamilton with the lock - lucky you (I've never been lucky enough to find one at the outlet).
    I have 2 large hamiltons and absolutely love them! The top does slouch (which it's supposed to) and I love the way it looks. The top may "flop" over a bit when you set it down, but that is because of the weight of the lock and you can just 'push it back' nd then it doesn't do that (if you know what I mean - sorry, it's kind of hard to explain).
    I was at the MK Boutique today and the Claret Hamiltons are on sale - the N/S large hamilton is $244 and I think the medium is $199.
  5. I purchased the red outlet hamilton bag this weekend. It is medium size and a true red color. I also have the large hamilton bag and the top does sag when if your not using it, I think most of the large ones do if the bag is not filled up to the top. If your looking for a red medium size, structured bag and don't mind not having the lock. I would go for the outlet red hamilton. :biggrin::biggrin:
  6. Be aware that the hamilton red is NOT as bright in person as they look in pictures on line with flash. Still pretty though.