Red Hair!

  1. I'm looking to dye my hair dark red but I'm having trouble finding the right color dye. Anyone want to help me? I'm looking for something this color:




    So its a dark red that's kinda brown. Please help! :smile::heart:
    The first picture is the most accurate of what I want my hair to look like (wierd grammar?)
  2. Just wanted to say, I LOVE that color.:nuts: I'm somewhat obsessed about it actually. If my hair was longer, I would no doubt have that color. The top pic looks like a medium reddish brown to me. I would recommend going to a salon & taking that photo. Reds can be tricky sometimes.
  3. Hehe I love it too :biggrin:

    That's what I'd love to do (get it done at a salon), but I really don't have any money for it :sad: Its going to have to be done by me, at home.
  4. If you haven't tried it already, why don't you go to L'Oreal : cosmetics, beauty, perfumes. They have this interactive tool where you select your current haircolor, then pick what color you want to be & it will give you a recommended shade. They have several that look similar to what you want. If you are already somewhat brown, it shouldn't be very hard but if you are blond & trying to go this shade, it will be a bit trickier. Good luck:smile:
  5. :shrugs: I can't find the tool thing.

    I have natural almost black hair but currently it is died a medium auburn-ish color.

    I think I might have found the right dye color!!!


    Part of my hair right now is still my natural color, and I have roots. When I dye my hair will parts be different colors? :confused1:
  6. Put the color on your roots first. Your untreated hair will not take the color as easily!! I am so excited for you!!! Good Luck!
  7. Girl this is so perfect, that's a color I want too.

    you are just so fantastics!:yahoo:

    Will try the l'Oreal ! looks fab!:love:
  8. I love L'Oreal hair colors. I used Preference for years, but as the grays outnumered the browns, I switched to Excellence. I can't recall the exact shade you are wanting, but I want to say the color you are looking for is called dark reddish brown. I have a lot of red overtones in my hair and I get a nice light reddish brown from Dark Golden Blonde in Excellence.

    You may just have to switch around the colors for a while until you find the best shade for your hair color, but fortunately, L'Oreal is so good you can't really mess up your hair (if you follow the packaged instructions). ;)
  9. Ah, okay! Thanks :yes:

    Eeeh thanks everyone for support :nuts: Can't wait to dye it, I'll probably buy the dye next time I'm out but I don't think I can dye it until a week or two, because aren't you supposed to wait three months before dying your hair again? If not, I should red hair by the weekend! :wlae:
  10. Three months!?!!? :wtf: I dye my hair every two weeks! LOL :shrugs:

  11. I have red and have used the over the counter stuff, but its so worth it to go to a colourist. They can mix a red that is specific to your skin tone.
    I just find that the bottle reds all look the same. JMO

  12. lol, that's just what it said on the stuff I used to dye my hair last time.

    And I'm thinking maybe I really should go to a salon to get it done...I just don't know. I'd have to save for a while.
  13. Okay, I've seen the color I posted above in real life so I'm going to buy that (Natural Match, 5R) most likely tomorrow and dye my hair friday night :happydance:
  14. reds are very tricky i would go to a salon and get this done. i have clients all the time come to me after they have screwed their hair up with box colors trying to get a great red. that is a beautiful color though.
  15. I use L'Oreal Multifaceted Shimmering Color. (They have a Power Reds section.

    Here's a linky to their site:

    L'Oréal Paris

    (Pay attention to Flaming Red).