Red Gucci Sukey or Red LV Epi Alma

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  1. I really want a bright, true RED bag. I haven't seen the Red leather Gucci Sukey in person, but I have a black leather Sukey and love it. If you've seen this bag is it a true "lipstick" perfect kind of red? Or orangey red? On my computer it looks like a hint or orange on the website. If anyone has photos and could post I would appreciate it.

    Otherwise I am torn on which red to get, the price difference is only $10.
  2. Apart from the colour red, they are very different bags IMO.

    The Sukey red is an autumnal, rusty red.

    If you love your black Sukey then maybe you like the smart-casual Sukey. If you want to go lady-like and dressy then the Alma.
  3. It's not "lipstick" red, it's a bit of red with a bit of orange to me.
  4. ^^ Thank you, that is what I was wondering. No where near me carries that color so I didn't want to order it and be disappointed. I do love the Sukey style but I still have my black one to satisfy me until I find another.
  5. epi alma
  6. Sukey, was never a fan of the Alma shape.
  7. epi alma!
  8. I wasn't 100% sold on the Alma shape and kept debating. The winner was neither of the above. The LV Epi Brea in red is coming home to me! Thanks for all of your help ladies!
  9. Can you please tell me how much the Red Sukey cost originally? I am looking to buy a used one. Thanks.
  10. I see you found the appropriate thread by now :tup: Closing this thread from 2010.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.