Red GST - Have you seen one?


Senka, John's my DH
Apr 10, 2007
Hi Ladies, I called Chanel and they advised me that this color was only available to the department stores, namely Nordstrom's. Nordstrom's advised me that they were sold out so I went with the ebay seller mentionned in this thread and got one from her. This lovely seller had the foresight and good connections to buy more than one so, although slightly more expensive than retail, one of them is mine!!! Thank you so much for your help - I can't wait to get my HG!!!!!

There's one on eBay from PersonalShoppers right now. Other than that all the 81665 Red Caviar GST's are completely sold-out in the US (Nordies nationwide sold out of those since several days ago).
Mar 7, 2006
I also returned mine to Nordstrom MoA (it's already back) -- there were already color fading and uneven pigmentation problems on the BNWT bag. Sigh...... I hope Chanel gets it together for their fall '09 81665 flap release......I ain't paying $2k+ for a Chanel with color fading no matter how coveted the bag or how TDF the red is.