Red Grape Marcie + Cyclamen Paraty

  1. Love the eggplant! Big congrats on two Paraties! :woohoo:
    I was thinking about eggpalnt colour too, in your pictures it looks just right for me:smile: Can you please tell which picture is more accurate at with more red undertone or at with darker greyish-blue hues?
  2. Hi GemsBerry!! and thank you!! I have been drooling over these colors for most of 2012.

    The SSense photo is more true to the Eggplant. The Saks photo makes it look washed out and grey. Its a deep purple with a touch of plum to it! I think you'll love it...:smile:

  3. Melovepurse, thank you for the fast response. I love it, I'm getting there, just waiting on Fall collection arrivals in late May-early June. If there's no Elsie shoulder in eggplant-ish colour I'll snatch the same Paraty!
    Eggplant :hbeat::heart::love:

  4. all hail LibJames!!! true, so true!!!!
  5. Wow so gorgeous, I love both the Cyclamen and Eggplant!

    I tried on the eggplant paraty last week at the Chloe store at South Coast Plaza, it really complemented the saturated blue-purple sweater I was wearing. I was tempted to buy it but they only had a medium size which looked too big on me. Now that I see they have the small at HGbags I am seriously tempted....:smile:

    Are you going to post modeling pics? Congrats on your purchase!
  6. unvacuous - you should get the small!! I will try to snap some modeling pics tomorrow - not looking so hot right now in sweats! The small looks like it'd be a great size AND she has $100 off coupon right it!!:smile:

  7. Oh where do you get the coupon and how long is the promotion? Heehee this is bad as I have to watch myself - I just bought a chloe marcie pouchette in poppy red last month, and my balenciaga first just came in the mail today, a lovely lavender-grey. Both were great deals on eBay but I really have been on a small bag binge lately, haha!

    If I pick up more work projects this month (I'm a freelancer) and hgbags still has the eggplant then it is meant to be, only time will tell :p
  8. Hi melovepurse, just wondering about the paraty you purchased from hg bags. Did it come with an authenticity card and the item number engraved?
  9. I love both of these! My two favorite colors together! Could you please tell me if cyclamen has any red undertones? From your beautiful pics it appears a beautiful fuchsia pink.
  10. OMG I love your paraty. I also prefer bright pop colors.... so your paraty looks very attracting to me :p
  11. Beautiful paratys! Congrats.
  12. Dk34 - Yes, both small Paraty bags have Chloe authenticity cards with item number in a silver hologram on the card. I have three Chloe bags from Erica (HGbags) all are authentic. :smile:

  13. Hi, I think Cyclamen is a fuchsia pink with just a tiny red undertone. It leans more toward a magenta pink. I can compare it with Balenciaga Cyclamen if that helps you, or PS1 Orchid in a photo if you want, let me know if that would help you at all.

  14. Thanks so much for your response! I don't have either of these, Bal or the PS1, so I'm afraid it wouldn't help me. What would help me immensely is if you took a pic of Chloe Cyclamen next to a white piece of paper. Sorry for the odd request but it will help me see the true color.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to help out a fellow Chloe lover! :heart: