Red Goyard Rubbing off on Clothes!!!

  1. I have a red St. Marguerite from Barney's NY, purchased December 2005. After about a year I noticed red washes of color on my favorite tan-colored jacket.

    I use the bag about 15 days out of 30. I returned it to Barney's, realizing the style had been discontinued; however, they found one last one remaining in the Barney's SF store.

    I took it. I love the style. Continued to use the bag with the same frequency. Last night I saw the same rubbing off of the color on a cream-colored vintage dress I owned--I'm positive it was the bag.

    I'm upset, needless to say. Any other similar experiences--is this just the red that does that or do I have to nix Goyard permanently--or is there a preparation I can do to prevent this?


    p.s. I have the bifold in the same color & have never noticed this problem before. And I use this wallet daily.
  2. That is insane! I cannot believe that Goyard has bags where this happens!
  3. I know that Goyard bags are hand painted, but I am surprised that the paint would rub off like that. Maybe you should trying contacting Goyard and seeing what they say. Otherwise, I would take it back to Barneys. You shouldn't have to worry about your bag wrecking your clothes.
  4. Thats Very Common For Goyard. Search That On Google. You Will See How Many People Have Problem.
  5. My friend had this happen with her blue St. Louis. I have a white St. Louis that has been nothing but a disappointment, quality-wise. I tell everyone I know to steer clear of Goyard.

  6. I have the yellow St. Louis and have had no problems.
  7. Oh I'm having second thoughts on buying the colored Goyard. I have a black Jeanne and no problems with it so far.
  8. I've googled this pretty extensively to see if it is indeed common-ish.

    Interesting to hear it happens with blue as well.
  9. Here's something--I also have a red bi-fold & have never had a problem with that...
  10. That is really horrible. I have been thinking about getting a Goyard, but this gives me second thoughts. Do all of the colors do this?
  11. I have the "natural" Goyard Fidji and nothing rubs off on it. It's a shoulder bag and wears right up next to the body with no transfer! That sucks! VTB! I feel for ya! HATE it when transfer happens!

    I have no advice for you...just commiserations!
  12. oh no! that's sad . i was planning to get a red one.
  13. So the place where I got it--Barney's NY--looked at it for a few days. They said they did a 'spot check' and didn't find the ink rubbing off on fabric (the type they tested it on, anyway).

    I took it back, and said, of course, if anything in the future were to get ruined or stained then the problem would be obvious.

    They agreed, and offered to pay for my dry cleaning, which they do 'in house' (and would take 2 weeks). I prefer the dry cleaner I use (took me long enough to find a great one) & said I'd rather they take it there than their own.

  14. Might as well post the results--
    Barney's never called me to tell me my dress was ready. A week passes & I use the bag again (that had been "spot-checked"). The color transfers AGAIN. After one wearing.

    I took it back, intending to pick up the dress while simultaneously dropping off another piece of damaged clothing along with the bag. Well, they had to courier the dress to me the next day, because THEY COULDN'T FIND IT. I waited 35 minutes for the dress.

    While waiting I realized that the place which experienced the most transferring was the shoulder. And at my hipline, where the bag rubs up against my torso--which is nearly covered in leather as well.

    So it's the leather that transfers. That's why I have no problems with my red bifold.

    I just came to this realization. Make sense to anyone?

    I want another Goyard, but I can't decide what to do....
  15. No advice, just sympathy. I have a blue Goyard St. Louis PM and have the same problem (and spoke to my SA at Barneys who was unsurprised and not particularly helpful). Arg! I used to LOVE this bag - but not anymore.