red ggh part-time!!

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  1. hi, everyone:rolleyes: i am new to here.
    i am planning to buy a red ggh part time from my friend, but she bought the bag from a private sale which i am not sure if ths bbag is Authentic or not. can you help me pls? many thx :confused1:</IMG>

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  2. looks ok, i love red with GGH..please post in authentication thread.
  3. It is fake (notice the square bales, off tag).
  4. o wow i didnt even look at that pic, your right.
  5. thx~ everyone,i'll post it to authentication thread.
    also my friend just tell me that she 's already brought this bag to selfridge(in uk) to check. and the manager said the bag is Authentic. should i trust her??
  6. I dunno if any of you noticed, but check out the first shot..the date code is printed upside down.
  7. The bales are so clearly square... If your friend brought this exact bag to have it authenticated, I don't know why the manager would say it's authentic. There are lots of pictures of Giant Part-Times and you can see the bales are clearly never square. The tag is also off as well. This bag is 100% fake.

    Borrowing pictures of authentic PTs from the Clubhouse:

    HandbagAngel's PT

    Cracker's PT [​IMG]
  8. thx Jira, i think i have to tell her that i am not buying her bbag :wacko:
  9. wow good eye..thats totally weirddddd!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.