Red Gaucho has arrived!


Dec 30, 2005
A few pictures for you guys trying to decide on colors. I really love this purse. The size is perfect- I've got one interior photo with a medium size purseket and all my junk in it. The leather is soft and slouchy. The strap is the right length- I'm 5'5 and it drops to my mid hip.


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LOVE the red, Bagpuss! Seeing these photos of everyone's Gauchos is making me want one even more. Going to the mall today after work, I am stopping into the Dior boutique to see if I can put my name down on a list, if there is one. I hope they don't have one in stock, that would be bad :P
Okay, someone needs to tell me immediately NOT to buy this bag! I love the photos! What are the dimensions of this one? Is it the smaller version? It looks like the single. And thanks for showing the purseket...I think I am going to get one now. What size do you recommend?