Red flats with big bow- Yay or Nay?

  1. I bought these at a decent deal and I'm attracted to them, but they seem a little too out there for me with my everyday wear. Can these go well with just a regular shirt and jeans? I look at them and the unique-ness of them makes me want to keep them, but if I can't work them then there's no point for them to take up my space and eat dust. Tell me: do they make you cringe? :push:
    tahari flats (2).JPG
  2. oh I think they're cute!!! they would look adorable peeking out from under jeans!
  3. very cute!! wear with a simple outfit
  4. Yay! Definitely. Those are very pretty, I love the bows. I don't think they need any special outfit, they would look cute with jeans too.
  5. I think they're perfect with jeans or dressy. very cute....
  6. keep them!! they're so cute, and you can wear them with almost anything.
  7. I just love flats with embellishments on them! It's my favorite look. These are cute. I'd wear them with jeans and a crisp white top. I'd probably carry a black handbag too. That way the gorgeous red color would really stand out.
  8. I think those are super cute! They'd look great with jeans or a skirt.
  9. Cute!

  10. ITA:p
  11. Very cute!
  12. yay
  13. I like them. They go great with jeans and a black top. As long as you keep your look simple, you'll be able to wear it.
  14. I think they are absolutely adorable!! I agree with everyone else who said, simple outfit with nice jeans!
  15. 1000 yays! I would have bought them in a heartbeat.:yahoo: