red flap

  1. Hi,
    anyone seen any red chanel flap bag for spring summer 08 collection in store?
    please help.

  2. There is going to be a red released for s/s but it wont hit stores until March time I believe :smile:

    Also not sure, what shade of red it is likely to be, but I would definately get on a wait list if you are wanting one, as red sells out super fast :smile:
  3. Some members have stated the red for s/s '08 will be a dark red, so if one is looking for a bright red this may not do it for you.
  4. ^ ITA. Also, if you're after a classic flap, you won't find it, because the dark red bag that's going to be released is a reissue. I saw pictures of a brighter red MM lock closure flap in the new spring colors threas, if that interets you. :smile:
  5. That's the flap I saw in the thread!
    chanel red.jpg
  6. least i know that there is red flap but it will not be the classic range....:smile:

    Great to know that!
  7. I was just at NM Chanel counter, and the SA there showed me a wallet for 08, it was red and she said it's the exact same color and leather that the reissue red would be for the 08 bag. This red was bright, like a red with orange undertones. It didn't exactly look metallic to me, but it did have a sheen to it, the SA said is was metallic. She swore up and down that the red reissue is that same color and leather. Yet the reissue red is called dark red, this red was not dark at all. I don't know what to think.
  8. My SA told me that there will be a dark red metallic reissue (for Act I) and also a bright red patent reissue (for Act II).

    Forgive me if I'm wrong ladies, but I think the stitches on the flap fieryfashionist posted are square - I was told that the bright red patent reissue for Act II has diamond stitches (like the regular reissues). It's a red with no orange undertones. So maybe it's a different bag from the one posted? :shrugs:
  9. Ohhhh, a bright red with orangey undertones?! :love: :drool: :nuts: Would you say that the red was brighter than this red flap I have? :smile:

    '05 red e/w

    Or would you say the red was similar to this very bright, orangey red flap I recently saw on eBay?

    Thanks so much!! :heart: I would LOVE a bright, orangey red 226 reissue! :love:


  10. Minal, the wallet they showed me at NM looked like this one, I borrowed the picture from fellow PF'er Oogiewoogie in the accessories thread. The color and sheen looked just like it. The SA in NM Chanel counter swore up and down that was the color. I don't see how it can be, because the look book says dark red and that wallet is not dark at all.

  11. That same SA also said the dark green flap was a kiwi color, like a green apple color. And she was referring to this color>


    Now I saw the look book, and believe me, the color swatch for the dark green looked like a medium to dark green color with a wash of gold over it, it looked nothing like the green wallet above. I really think this SA was mistaken, yet she really seemed to believe what she was saying. I don't know what the hell to think, I really don't.
  12. Hi Diane! :smile: Hmm, so strange... there seems to be so much confusion among SA's (and I'm confused too haha)! :nuts: You're right, the red of that Ilama wallet is definitely NOT a dark red... and that red to my eye looks very similar to the red Jumbo, etc. so I'd probably pass on it. :smile:

    Hmm, that same SA said the green reissue would be that pretty kiwi/apple color, but the lookbook shows a medium to darker green with a wash of gold? :confused1: Maybe the SA is wrong on both accounts then haha. I would actually prefer a reissue like that wallet color with a wash of metallic gold, but I haven't had a chance to see the lookbook yet, so I don't know if what's there is a better alternative. Did the small swatch of green you happened to see look pretty? :smile:
  13. I still prefer the 05 e/w red's gorgeous! If it's darker than this red, i think it will be divine fabulous....since the SAs have different comments abt the color, looks like we are unable to predict until we see the actual color of the bag.