red flap, new or old chain?

  1. I saw both before. I personally like the new one more :graucho: more elegant to me...
  2. I really like them both about the same. To me, both have their own individual qualities.
  3. I like the new chain.
  4. I like the new chain too.
  5. Hm, i guess it's just me, but I love the old chain! i'm hoping they'll come out with a red classic flap next season! I'm already imagining it, a bright pretty red with gold hw :love:
  6. im loving the new chain too but only for the med and jumbo for the e/w i would still prefer the old chain bec of the removable strap thing which i absolutely love about with old e/w's
  7. I LOVE the new chain!
  8. I like both chains. I actually think they are two different looks and I really can't compare them. The new chain seems much more modern and I can definitely see it appealing to a younger market than the old chain used to. The old chain is simply a classic and I think that most people, even not fans of the brand, would know the old chain.

    Love them both!
  9. Both are beautiful in their own right.
    I think to compare one to another is like apples and oranges.

    To me, the old chain is more elegant and iconic of Chanel. The new chain I love because it's so edgey and "cool"
    Sort of like the Rock Star sister to the old chain flap :smile:
  10. I like the old chain too:heart:!!
  11. I am wanting a red bag - thanks to you ladies.........:smile:
  12. I like the new chain on the medium and jumbo. I prefer the old on the e/w.
  13. old chain ....

    i don't like the new one .... :sad:
  14. I like the old chain.
  15. both are nice, but i prefer the old chain.