Red flap at Saks; came on floor today

  1. This is NOT a caviar flap; NOT a caviar flap. This is a calfskin flap, w/silver hardware, red is a blue red. Silver C's on front of flap (which has a magnetic closure), shoulder strap is all leather. Size is same as Jumbo but a tad thick. Price is $2600 (just had the price increase) and tage reads "Classic flap handbag". They are ONLY receiving this one, according to the manager there.

    Info: Saks at Chevy Chase. # is 301-657-9000. Ask for Designer Handbags and then ask for Marilyn. Bag arrived yesterday, she placed it on the floor this morning.

    ALso: white w/silver, black w/silver and black w/gold Cert totes, for those looking.
  2. i wonder what ligne this is from... sounds interesting.. shoulder straps are entirely in leather... not in the traditional chains?
  3. i wonder what it looks like...hmm interesting. bet it's gone by now though
  4. ^Correct, all leather, no chains. Brand new and only one came in (and it's the only one that will come in). HTH
  5. sounds like the hidden chain flap
  6. Cjj, is it this one? I think it is called the modern chain flap?


    My Saks (BH) had new ones in Red and Blue. It is quite small, but very cute and looked durable w/ sturdy leather.
  7. ^^^that is not the modern chain flap. It might be a lady braid flap?
  8. Nope, not like the one in the pic. This has NO hardware ANYWHERE except the silver double C's on the flap. Gorgeous blue-red. ANd let me tell ya, business is/was DEAD there today. I spoke w/her at 7:30 this evening; bag is still there. She had 5 people in all day (and one of them was me).
  9. Oops, you're absolutely right, lulilu! :shame:

    Hmm. I am intrigued about this hardware-less flap. They didn't have anything like that at my local store, would love to see a pic.
  10. Probably the hidden chain bag. :smile:
  11. Jus wonder, what is that? if only there is a pic to show here, it will be great!
  12. Could it be the soft handle bag? I know NM's has/had black and white.
  13. yeah it's probably the hidden chain flap, i saw it in the boutique in a hot chilli red, everything is in leather except the big CC logo.
  14. There is a the new bag from Cruise that looks a little like the hidden chain line, that comes in "red," but it is really pretty coral red. Hmm.
  15. ^ yes i think with the piping right? but the straps are in chain not leather...