Red Flag?


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
I have a Chanel Caviar Jumbo Flap on and I have been having a back and forth with a potential buyer. She wants me to ship to Australia, but her bonanzle ID shows her to be in Indiana. I questioned her on it and she said that she put Indiana since she used to live there and bonanzle would not allow her to list Australia. She wants to do layaway as well. Should I just not do this? I have a feeling that this could go bad. I don't feel as safe on bonanzle as I really would only have Paypal to back me up if this went wrong...and we all know how they prefer buyers to sellers.


Oct 9, 2006
I would let this one pass. Too many problems from the start. I am not sure how the "layaway" would work - I don't think you can accept partial payments for an item through PP so you should probably check that to see if you would still be covered. I also don't know why (or if) bonanzle would not let her list her location in Australia. I have seen other international sellers on there, I think (you should check that out, as well). The bottom line is she has a lot of issues and this is probably an expensive purchase, so I think your "gut" is telling you what you should do.


Feb 1, 2007
Don't do this. Too many factors that could go wrong. If she is not confirmed on PP with address you send to, you won't be covered. Also don't think you want to get involved in the nightmare of layaway. Read some of the recent thread about that here...Just my opinion. Good luck:yes:

Ellie Mae

Peace B with U
May 24, 2008
Don't delete your item.. just don't offer to ship INTL...

In my listings on BONZ... Under Advance Option "Allow BIN", I check NO. SO that I have to APPROVE my buyer b4 the buyer pays.
I also state "US Shipping only, but will ship INTL to pfer's, please contact me".. so that again, I can APPROVE the buyer, the location, the transaction

And this is ONE REASON that I like BONZ better than EBAY. I have control over who buys and what I am committed to. And thus far ALL of my BONZ transactions have been pfer's and have been PERFECT... buying and selling.


Ye Olde Bag Lady
Jan 16, 2008
Northeast Ohio
NO, I wouldn`t either.

I love framboise vernis (see my siggy) and a seller in singapore had a framboise koala for sale. But, wouldn`t list it for me on ebay or bonanzle. I really really really wanted that piece...but didn`t want to get take for a ride kwim? :cry:

Maybe she`s bought off malleries before. Some malleries shops offer a layaway plan.


Jun 25, 2008
Very odd IMO - I managed to list Japan no problem at all, so no idea why she couldn't list Australia. All sounds very strange.


Jul 1, 2007
I got scammed awhile back by a lady in Aussie -- who also stated somewhat similar.
I wonder if its the same lady. I wouldn't do it!

The good thing with my scam was even though Paypal ruled in favor of that scam artist, my bank disagreed and put the money back in my account :smile: but I've learned my lesson so from now on I just ignore buyers with so many 'special' requests.


Feb 27, 2007
Austin, Texas
She also asked for my tPF ID. I gave it to her and also said that I would list the bag on eBay and she could buy it there (when my 30 day crap is over). I posted this thread and then within an hour I received a message from her that she would need to ask her husband if it was OK to buy the bag. Prior to this thread and me telling her I would put it on eBay she was gung-ho about buying the bag and then did an about face.


Rocker Chic
Aug 30, 2007
Valrico, FL
If you have questions about overseas sales just tell them you accept direct bank transfer or western union for payment. I have many overseas buyers pay me that way. That way, I have cash in the bank and can ship to whatever address they want. I also do layaway and have an agreement that they sign. It just takes longer for people to pay with Layaway, but in this economy people appreciate it!