red first'04 with silver hardware!!!

  1. OMG :nuts: ---- where's winona ???? She's looking for this since a long time :yes: :love: !!

    Thank you myriam.... for the thread :flowers:
  2. Good Luck seahorse ... with your sale :love: :yes:
  3. Yeah good luck with this easy sale! This bag it's soooooooo tempting :love: :graucho:
  4. OOOh, Pretty colour, good luck seahorse, bet it'll sell in a flash
  5. thanks girls :P
  6. hey seahorse, do you have some kind of store or something? you keep listing all these great hard-to-find bags on ebay and i looked at your blog and you say that you can track down bags. if not, you have one of the best collections here and should really post a family pic. we love to see pics of of other people's bags, especially when they are the rare ones. are you holding out on us?
  7. ^^ Yes!!!!

    Of course we all know this is my dream bag, well the 03' is... but this is pretty close.
    Seahorse said here's no BIN'ning for this one, so hopefully it will go fairly and I can FINALLY put and end to my search.

    If not?

    I'll be prepared for the next one.
  9. thanks:love: :love:

    Unfortunately I can only buy one bag this week and there are THREE others that I really want to buy!!
    Holding off for this one will ensure I miss them all.
  10. HA HA HA... i don't have a store, but i have few friends who like bags too, and sometimes we trade bags, that's why i rotate the bags fast as lightning bolt :P
    i have a 3 b-bags rule, so when i got a new one, i have to throw another one :P right now i only keep my magenta city, eggplant purse and coffee flat brass '02 :yahoo:
    the magenta and coffee is my latest purchase, i got them in quite some price so i have to get rid of my other b-bags. :crybaby:
  11. i'm jealous. i wish i had friends like that (except the one with the sky blue). you guys should open up a consignment shop.
  12. Agree Chigirl ;)
    D, with the bags you've already had and sold and then accquired I'd almost believe you did have one.
  13. well, it's my dream of having a bag shop... but that won't be a good business because i might end up buying half of the store and ended up broke :roflmfao:
    like that magenta city, it was my friend's and she asked me to put on auction, when it didn't sell, i buy that bag from her AARGGGHHH and then i have to sell my other b-bags :crybaby:
  14. Best of luck, seahorse, its a fantastic bag!!!