Red First for sale on bagborrowsteal

  1. Thanks for sharing..can you post pics? :smile:
  2. thanks for sharing! It does look like tomato to me as well.

    Look how they over inflate the retail price! Firsts and shoulders retail for $1495??? I don't think so! That first is only 20 bucks under retail but they're claiming its 35% under retail...bluefly does that as well.
  3. ^^^ Oh I know, the retail price they list is insane. Also, I have borrowed bags from them in the past and they email you a "steal it now" price that is ridiculous. For example, I borrowed an LV Lockit Horizontal and they said I could "steal" the bag for $975. Well, that is the price for a brand new one, so no thanks! However, I do borrow bags from them occasionally to test out a bag to see if I want to buy it.
  4. Just click on the link in my initial post.
  5. I've thought about emailing bluefly (or now, maybe bag borrow) about the actual retail prices just to see what'd they say. and seriously- if you've already paid to borrow the bag, why would you pay retail on top of that for the already used bag- like you said, you can get it brand new for cheaper (when you calculate in the borrowing fees). But I have thought it would be a fun way to try out tons of different bags!!!
  6. It's asked me to log in..since I am not a member, I have to register which I don't really want to..:sweatdrop:
  7. here's a pic of the tomato. they used to have a dolma first too,but it's gone now.
  8. Oh sorry! I did not know you had to log in to see it. See the pic in the post above.
  9. :smile: Thank you!!
    Sorry for the trouble..
  10. I see that they have the limited edition Black & White striped Damask (City) on their site as well. I used to have this bag but ended up selling it because I realized that there was NO way that I could keep it clean given the weather here in New England. It's too bad because it was a wicked cool bag. Given that this bag is fabric versus leather, I'm surprised that they would have it as a *borrow* since there is a good chance that it would become less than pristine after a few wearings. Interesting ...'City'-Bag/18