Red first bbay or chanel jumbo flap?

  1. I asked this over in the chanel forum, obviously they voted for chanel. But which do you guys think I should get?
  2. 2 very different looks... Bbags have a more edgy look and Chanel is classic. Buy both ;)
  3. ITA with girlycharlie. Personally, the Bbag look suits my casual style right now. However, there will probably come a time, in the distance future, when I will need a bag that will suit my age. Then I will be mostly using my Chanel. It is so classic and I can see myself using it forever. BTW, you can probably buy 2 First Bbags for the price of a Jumbo Flap.
  4. I agree w/ you guys. Bbag is more edgy and Chanel is more classic, very different, I would get both if I could.
  5. I'd go for Chanel since the price might increase again soon.
  6. hi! i'm definitely leaning towards a tomato first... for fall chanel, i'm thinking about one of those metallic reissues:tup: