Red experts!!! which red does this bag look like?

  1. Okay let me preface by saying that once upon a time, Karenab owned a fake red bbag. Yes I know. I know. It was years ago when I couldn't afford the real deal. I loved it to pieces (still do!) because of the colour red that it is.

    I want to now get the real deal thats as close as possible to it. First 2 pics are the fake bbag that I want to match colour wise. Help? Which colour should I be looking for?

    (I know I've asked before about reds but I'm going a bit stir crazy looking at so many red bbags online that I need another set of eyes to confirm for me).

    *sorry for the double post on the last 2 pics*
    DSC03700.jpg DSC03798.jpg reds1.jpg reds3.jpg reds2.jpg
  2. I think the 03 Red or RT are the closet but you might even get away with Rouge VIF too.:yes: I can just imagine you carrying a Red bag. I think you would look hot.:tup: How about the Tomato with GH or even Vermillion w/GH?:graucho:
  3. Its kind of hard to tell - the pictures are so dark I can't really get a feel for the true shade of red. :sad:
  4. English_girl, attached is another pic of it.

    Hopefully its a bit better?
  5. I think rouge threatre or 03 red would be the best match Hope you find them!

    I also owned a fake bbag! I just liked the style and had absolutely no idea it was a designer bag knockoff :rolleyes: When I realized I stopped wearing it and bought the real deal as soon as I coul afford it LoL
  6. According to the hardware, definitely red 03
  7. The 04 has silver hardware as well. I attached another pic of the fake that I think is a bit better :yes:
  8. I think it may look like this Fall's tomato red. You should wait to see it in person at BalNY when it comes in. It should be here next month. I think it'll be gorgeous.
  9. Now with the new pix. I think it's similar to Red 04 ...... LOL :biggrin:
  10. I know what you mean about the fake. However, I stopped carrying mine as soon as I got the real deal bbags - but I just couldn't throw it because I love the red so much :rolleyes: (I used to get compliments on it too lolol!!!!).

  11. TY! I used to love carrying that red one everywhere so I know a real bbag in this colour is worth getting! This is what I'm selling your bordeaux first in exchange for :yes::graucho:
  12. Yep, I agree, RT or 03. :yes:
  13. WHEN was the bag purchased? It will help narrow down the color they were trying to copy.

    But by simply looking at it, I would say 03 Red is the closest.
  14. Well it is a pretty close fake! The leather even looks nice. The leather on my bag was SO BAD, I remember thinking to myself: oh if I could only have one made with nice leather :roflmfao: Boy, was I happy when I got the real deal :heart:
  15. I would say I bought it in either 03 or 04.