Red Expandable Tote- where to get??

  1. Hi, Does anyone know where I could find a red expandable tote? They look really nice in everyone's pictures!
  2. Red is so hard to find these days.

    Chanel Ala Moana has it in offwhite and black, sorry no red. :sad:
  3. call Chanel at short hills mall in short hills NJ they had one
    best of luck!!
  4. ^I use JULIA at the SHORT HILLS MALL store..she is great!
  5. i haven't seen one but it must be gorgeous, good luck!!
  6. I got your PM about this bag..Its an INCREDIBLE BAG!!u MUST get one if u can find it..I think itll look great on your frame too!!!!!!!
    I adore mine and everytime I go shopping at Saks AND NM...I get sooooo many peeps coming up to me to adore it!HEHE!
  7. Thanks, Jill. I did end up buying one on eBay. I'm sure I overpaid but I really wanted it! I just hope the seller is reputable, I bought it impulsively and quickly. And the seller hasn't emailed me. I always get nervous until I receive the bag.
  8. ^congrats!!!
  9. congrats, you must post pics when you receive her!!
  10. Ohh I love red! Enjoy her!