Red expandable flap available!

  1. Jillian from Chanel-Palm Beach Garden just received the RED expandable flap. She had no idea the company indeed ordered this color, big surprise! According to her, the red is the real red, stunning! and the quantity is very limited.

    I am usually not a red person, I think in that size the red will not look good on me, so I passed it up. But if red always looks good on you and you are not as petite as I am, that bag may be a perfect one!

    Jillian: 561-627-1398

    Keep us posted if someone gets it. I will look forward to seeing the pics:yahoo:
  2. Jillian is the BEST SA!!!!!!LOVES HER!
  3. ooooh somebody go get it :biggrin: what a gorgeous bag :biggrin:

    hope it goes to one of our lovely pfers so that I can dribble at the piccies :biggrin: ;)

    hmmmm...tempting though....!!!??!!!
  5. be strong Jill, be strong,

    although .................................... ;)

    hee hee!!
  6. ^I CANT HEAR U..........ho hum de dum...
  7. I was just there earlier this week...those gals ARE the best!!!
  8. I'm currently waiting for a red flap to be delivered to me, otherwise I know I'd want it. It sounds beautiful
  9. Gosh.....I already have the red expandable tote version...this is killing me..hehe..I adore the flap version the best too...argh.......

  10. Maybe you could just try it ;), just, you know, so you know, that you really dont need it :graucho:
  11. Jill, I went to Jillian after saw your post in" SAs who deserve to benefit from our purchase!". She is such a doll! Very helpful,patient, and not pushy(very important to me). Your expandable tote is gorgeous~~and the expandable flap is TDF, what a dilemma! Do you think the red on the flap will be the same as the red on your tote?

    I really wish to see the bag IRL! Someone, please go grab it! :drool:
  12. I don't believe that's going to happen to Jill, you know, that " you really don't need it" part;)
  13. rofl.....what girl DOESNT NEED 2 RED CHANEL BAGS?HUH????
  14. how much was it?
  15. the new ones are....sniff...gag....2650 plus tax......GULP.