Red Ergos

  1. So I saw the Red Ergos today at Hollywood & Highland... very pretty! I had heard they were coming out, but didn't know when! It was a darker red than I expected, with more orange than purple undertones. So sorry I couldn't take a picture... Has anyone else seen them out?
  2. No but can't wait to see them.

  3. katriese, what red ergos did you see? Was it the red patent ergo tote or the red patent ergo hobo? Please do tell.
  4. I saw the red ergo patent hobo on the weekend and it is beautiful. Very classy. The tote is cute too, but the hobo is really nice!
  5. They were the red leather Ergos, not the patent. I think it may have been a "duty free" store, although it wasn't marked as such. There were a couple items I had never seen-- like a mini signature ergo with pink trim and skinny red and pink signature scarves. And yes, it was a Coach store.
  6. ohhh I can't wait to see.
  7. I bet this is going to be one of those bags that I "have to have"!!
  8. it was out here for quite sometime. it is a nice red. I have the wristlet :smile: