Red Epi vs Pomme D'Amour

  1. I'm torn between choosing the Red Epi Speedy and the Pomme D'Amour Roxbury Drive.

    Red Epi Speedy:
    - low maintenance because no vachetta
    - I like how the handles can be carried on the crook of my forearm
    - Speedys are a bit too common

    Pomme D'Amour roxbury drive:
    - there's something glamourous about the glossy fire-engine red leather
    - but I dont like how it can only be hand-held (I dont like the look when it's hanging from the shoulder)
    - vachetta to worry about

    Which one to buy? It'll be the LAST LV for me this year.. :nogood:
  2. Red Epi Speedy!

    I'm not a fan of the Rox ... it's too small for me!
  3. i say speedy, even though i loooooooooove vernis. i just don't like the way the roxbury hangs either :sad: i prefer the rosewood if i were to choose a smaller bag. too bad they don't make a pomme speedy :drool:
  4. love 'em both, but I'd go for the red speedy :yes:
  5. I'd go for the EPI SPEEDY because the Roxbury Drive is too small, IMO.
  6. I guess I'll take the choice with most votes :love:
    It's cheaper than Roxbury too.. Thanks babes!:flowers:
  7. I like pomme vernis better then epi but I don't like the roxbury. It is too small. So I say get the speedy.
  8. The speedy is a far better design compared to the Roxbury
  9. Did you get it already?
    If not, I have to choose the red epi speedy also. It's a wonderful bag!
  10. red epi......
  11. I hope you get/got the red epi speedy - I have the 25 and I get compliments on her all the time. Plus, if treated well, the epi can look brand new for years to come.
    Cheers! ; )
  12. Epi Speedy gets my vote.
  13. Red Epi speedy for me coz it's more versatile! the pomme is a great color but the roxbury is more for evening. i prefer the rosewood in pomme....