Red epi speedy hardware

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  1. Ive been :heart::heart::heart:lusting over the red speedy for the past two years! I've been watching it change, and I am finally going to get one this month. However, the hardware is now silver? I really like the gold... are they around anymore?

    I just want to get one before LV prices jump up!
  2. I remember a PFer posted a month or so back that she called 866 and got the last red epi speedy with gold hardware in the country. You could try calling them again and see if there are any left(sometimes there are returns). The new red with silver is really pretty, too, though. It's a blue based true red and the brushed silver lock looks pretty chic on it. :heart:
  3. Yep, that was I. I called 866 and they told me it was the last red epi speedy 25 in the U.S.

    But ya...I'd try calling never know. Pupster is right...someone could've returned one or something. I don't know if there may still be one in the 30 size w/ gold HW. :shrugs:

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes:
  4. A-ha! I thought it was you! I originally typed "LVCRAZED", but erased it because I wasn't sure if it was you or not! I remember how excited you were when you found it---I was excited for you!:nuts:
  5. I like the gold on the red too, I am considering a riviera, so I can get the combo.

  6. LOL!!!!!:upsidedown: See, you were right!! Ha!! Good memory!!:yes: I do love "her"!! I've been using "her" alot lately..LOL sometimes just walk into my closet for something and can't help eyeballing "her" a bit...:tender:
  7. i think the silver with the new red looks nice i have to say...
  8. hmm gold and red.. nice!
  9. silver matches more stuff....
  10. That riviera is gorgeous!
  11. OOH!!!! i'll try calling! I want a red speedy 30 with gold hardware! does anyone know if they are the same price as the new red speedys? i know the prices have decreased?
  12. good luck!
  13. I personally don't like the silver at all- but all I wear is yellow gold, so it wouldn't go with anything with silver. Good luck finding one!! I agree with you on the combo.
  14. I've got a black Epi Petit Noé with gold hardware, and when I got it a couple of years ago I wished I could get it with silver hardware, because it would go better with my wardrobe and accessoires. Now I'm happy with the gold, but I want something black Epi with silver HW as well... Maybe a Passy or a Speedy... :smile:
  15. I actually like the silver hardware better, it matches all my plat and wg jewlelry.