Red epi pochette on Let-trade

  1. Since red is going to be in this fall, I'm thinkining of purchasing this pochette from Let-trade just in case I will need it in the fall.

    What do you think.

    ~ ~ Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller
  2. go for it..
  3. That's a pretty good price ! :yes:
  4. GREAT price!!! GO FOR IT!!!:yes:
  5. The epi red is so wonderful and this is a great price! Good luck!
  6. Good price. Go for it. It'll be worth it.
  7. I was looking at that one myself, I think it's a good deal, it's the older red which I like, and it seems pretty clean......
  8. I think it's a great choice, I'd go for it
  9. I love that bag just got it myself I say get it you'll get lots of use over the fall/winter season and no need to worry about weather and it's pretty roomy
  10. That is a good price, and I did consider it myself too, but did you see the description?? Glued handle, scratches on exterior, no D ring. If you don't mind those, it IS a really good price. =)
  11. By the way, how's epi leather in the cold winter? Would you say it's more suitable for winter time since there is no vachetta, and is the leather treated so it's more durable than the canvases? I'm thinking of purchasing a black epi pochette now (red would be hard to match outfits) and would like to know about the durability before I buy one.

    Wow, the yellow and royal purple combination is absolutely GORGEOUS!
    eBay: Authentic Louis Vuitton Yellow EPI Leather Pochette (item 170022276089 end time Aug-26-06 12:17:06 PDT)
  12. i love the mandarin pochette, its soo pretty =]
  13. I know I was looking at the red epi noe he has.
  14. It's a great price and looks great. Red is definitely going to be a hot color this fall/winter. Go for it.