red epi or mandarin epi

  1. hi. :smile: i really need you ladies help again. i'm thinking about getting Salabha in Epi. they have Mandarin and the red available. i like them both:confused1: help please
  2. Mandarin is going to be discontinued so if you like something special, go for the Mandarin. =)

    But if you want something classy and easy to pair with, my vote goes to the Red Epi. :p
  3. red versatile if really have to compare one on one
  4. Love both, but I prefer mandarin.
  5. mandarin+1, red is classic like Itsabagslife said, but mandarin color don't get seen around much, make it just a tab special :smile:
  6. definitely mandarin all the way!!! it's THE most gorgeous color in the Epi line since the lilac! it's very different!
  7. mandarin
  8. Red definitely
  9. Red
  10. Both colors are beautiful, and it would be nice to have the mandarin as it's a rare color and something unique. But would it go with a lot of different outfits? I think that red would be easier to match to your clothes, IMO. Either one you choose, it will be a beautiful bag. :smile:
  11. I like the Red Epi.
  12. I love the mandarin color.
  13. Vote for Red ! :tender:
  14. Mandarin!

    -- Still mourning the Mandarin Speedy 25 I never got. :crybaby:
  15. I have a red Epi Speedy and I just go the Mandarin... I thiiiink I like Mandarin a bit more.