Red Epi Jasmin

  1. Ok I am SOO driving myself insane here.. My last 2 purchases till the end of the year is the Malibu St. and the Red Epi Jasmin (I've made so many threads about this saga). In any case, I had emailed Let-Trade last night to ask if s/he had a Red Epi Jasmin available. Now the reason why I'm jumping on this is because of the free shipping on, and I'm thinking of buying one there instead of waiting to go to H.K. as originally planned. Of course, the one on Elux is the red with silver hardware. Let-Trade had emailed me back last night saying they had one with gold hardware, but in O.K. condition. So I wrote back and said, yes I'm interested, can you please provide pics. I haven't heard back yet and I'm going bonkers!! PLUS when I went on Elux. a minute ago, the red epi jasmin was gone!!! and then when I checked again, it was there!! So that means someone wants one too!! (right?) OmIGod I'm driving myself crazy!!! I wish Let-Trade would email me back soon!!! AgHH!!!!! :Push:
    Sorry I just need to vent!
  2. It's okay! It's okay! Don't worry! If it's meant to be, then it will happen!

    And mmm the red epi jasmin is so yummy...GOOD LUCK! Let us know what happens!
  3. Put the Red/silver one in your shopping cart & that might hold it till tomorrow. Let trade should get back to you soon, they are on a different schedule than the US. It will work out & you will have a great bag. Jasmine is lovely in either color combo.
  4. I just put it in my shopping bag.. I hope it holds!! And I hope Let-Trade lets me know soon!! I'm soo totally losing it. LoL!! If not, I guess I'll just get the one from Elux.!!
  5. ok they just sent me:

    The item has some minor damage next to the handles. We will show you as
    soon as we can. Sorry about the delay.

    oh gosh i hate the waiting thing.
  6. chillax!! we're here with u!! :party:
  7. *sigh*
    they still haven't responded yet.. dang, I was hoping on getting a good deal and not spending so much $ too..
  8. I hope you get your pics soon! Do you definitely prefer the gold hardware over silver?
  9. I honestly have no idea.. I've never seen the silver hardware in person, although I do believe that gold would match red more.. so I'm kinda partial to the gold.. although I suppose it doesn't matter, I just don't want to spend too much money!!