Red Epi Cles or Damier Cles... HELP!


New cles-- what color?

  1. Red Epi Cles

  2. Damier Cles

  3. Forget the cles and order the Damier mini pouch...

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  1. My DH and I are going to the LV store tonight and I am trying to decide between the Red Epi Cles or the Damier Cles (I just received my first cles last weekend, a Mono... and I'm hooked!). I want to get something small before the price hike on Wednesday...:yes:

    I was also considering calling 1866 to order the Damier replacement mini pouch (as was mentioned on another thread in the forum)... basically is a little bigger than the Mono mini pouchette... and works like one. Since Damier doesn't come in a mini pouchette size. You order the pouchette and the chain...

    Any suggestions would be great-- what do you prefer? If anyone has any of these I'd also love pics to help me with the decision!

  2. What other bags do you have that you want it to work with? Red will go with anything....:yes:
  3. I have a Mono cles right now... and Mono Babylone, Mono Klara, Mono Petit Noe... and a Denim Speedy.:yes:

    I want to get a Damier speedy 25 or parioli next but we can't budget that in until next year... but that will be added to my collection hopefully at Christmas :graucho: but realistically Feb 2007. :crybaby:
  4. Get the red vernis cles...I did and love it...I got one of the last one's in Canada...the colour in WOW....not a huge fan of epi...mind you I have not seen it IRL so, my opinion could change...the current red vernis is sooo yummy and it goes with is my favorite cles and I have the mono...for some reason lately I am drawn to red...most of my bags are brown mono and I really love a splash of more mono or brown bags for me...too much brown is just too much brown....
  5. I'd pick the red Epi. Since most of your bags are mono (plus one denim) and you plan to get a Damier bag in the future, a red epi cles would match really well with all those bags.

    However, if you plan to use your cles to fill up with credit cards, the Damier cles would hold more credit cards than the epi.
  6. Keep in mind the hardware on the epi cles is silver and the hardware on mono bags and Damier is gold. That bothered me. I'm goofy that way, so I choose the damier one in a similar situation.
    I would have chosen the red vernis, but no more to be had.
    I think the damier mini pouch idea is great and I may do so myself---more useful and less similar to your mono cles.
    Good luck and let us know!:yes:
  7. RED Epi cles. Red is HOT!
  8. Red epi :yes:
  9. Hmm I love the color red... but I was worried about it not holding much. :confused1: I do plan on using it to hold credit cards, cash and ids... (I dont' really carry cash so it'd be like a $1 bill, ha ha, that's what's in there now) :roflmfao:

    Anyone know how much the red can carry?
  10. I would pass on both cles's and go for the Mini Poch. since u already have a cles
  11. Yeah I sometimes think that too Matt... but the cles is SO CUTE and SO HANDY! I can just grab it and go... shove in my pocket... everything. And can fit in small and big purses... I'm so conflicted! Yep I'm a dork about it...:shame: but don't want to shell out $200 for something I'm not going to use.
  12. :yes: i agree......
    go for it
  13. Red Epi Cles
  14. Thanks for the votes! :yes:

    We didn't end up going to LV last night (my friends cancelled our plans to go to dinner :sad:and it was RAINNNNING so we ended up staying in). BUT today is the day!! (good thing too, is giving me more time to get more votes from you guys!)
    My DH saw this thread and is LOVING it :Psince I am the most indecisive person in the world, I end up in the LV store for hours trying to narrow down and decide what I want. Seriously the last two times we went we never left before 2 hours. :roflmfao: (Yeah I got a problem... they are just all gorgeous :drool:I want everything!)

    So please keep voting, I need all the help I can get! Also, anyone with an Epi cles able to tell me how much they can fit in their cles? I have like 8 cards that need to go in (personal and work credit cards, plus 2 ids)...
    I got the Epi Red Cles... that was leading in the votes and it looked great IRL. (Then later today I went back w/my DH and he got me the Damier cles for a Christmas gift... I don't get it until Christmas, can't wait! He's such a sweetie!). So I got the best of both worlds. :yahoo: