Red Epi, Black Epi, or Damier Azur Speedy?

  1. I already have the Damier Speedy 30, Damier wallet, Mono Looping bag, & mono pochette. I can't decide between the Red & Black Epi or the Damier Azur Speedy 25. I think im leaning twords the red. Im just worried about the Epi bags scuffing and scratching.

    Which would you choose? And if you own any of the three, id love to see pictures! :graucho:
  2. You need to add some color to your collection so I say Red Epi. Epi is durable so you don't have to worry much. I don't have pics as I don't own any of these Speedys yet.
  3. I say Azur Speedy 25 because Azur is my favorite line. :yes:
  4. Damier azur speedy!! So cute and great for the upcoming spring/summer!
  5. All three!

    I love my black epi speedy, but it looks like some color could do you good! :love: I've been coveting a friend's red Alma for years, but just haven't been able to get there yet... perhaps I need a push of my own!
  6. Azur! and then black with s/h....:girlsigh:
  7. I have both the epi speedy 25 in black and the azur speedy 25 and love them both. My epi speedy has held up really well, its one of the older models with the goldtone hardware (LV now makes them with silvertone hardware) and it really does not show its age. The Azur speedy I have not begun using yet, but the canvas is so refreshing and light that I feel certain it will become a favorite Spring/summer bag for me! Any of the 3 you have listed is great, but I think you should get either the Azur or black epi, the red epi although gorgeous will be more limited in use than the other 2.
  8. Red epi 25 is slightly bigger than canvas 25. I like either red epi or Azur-- I have both! The picture is in my sig.
  9. I am trying to decide on the red also ~ I haven't seen it IRL, so am unsure of the shade ~ there's all sorts of variations on the color.
  10. I think you need some leather, so I think you should choose an epi speedy!
  11. I'm partial to Damier Azur, because I just purchased a Speedy 30 :p However, Epi in red is beautiful. I wouldn't worry about scuffing and scratching with Epi. I had an Epi Speedy in mandarine and it held up very well to everyday use.
  12. They are all great BUT since Spring is coming - AZUR!!
  13. *Hmm* It looks like your collection needs some color.

    Therefore, I'd definitely go for the RED EPI SPEEDY. :tup:
  14. Red Epi!
    I have it in speedy 25 and always received compliments...
  15. is it easily to fake Azur? i'm quite new here.if it's not i think you should go for Azur cos it's so cute