Red Epi Alma or Red epi Speedy

  1. I was thinking about getting the alma in red epi. I have it in black and mono. Do you think it would be overkill to have a epi alma in red? The color is so gorgeous and the style is functional. The speedy is such a classic but I have heard of the zipper opening issues. What are your thoughts between the two bags, pros and cons.
  2. i prefer the Speedy in this color. the red is a bit too flashy for me, and it would be even more so on a bag as big as the Alma. the Speedy would look cuter and somewhat more fun in red than the Alma.

    i've never had a problem with all my Speedy zippers, so i'm not sure if you're referring to the Epi line in particular :huh:.
  3. I would get the speedy. It looks so great in red! I do love the Alma but it's always good to switch it up a bit!?!
  4. Speedy! I'm not a fan of the Alma, but that red Speedy catches my eye every time I see it in the store. I have the Damier Speedy 25 and don't have any zipper issues.

    Of course, if you are a huge Alma fan, there's nothing wrong with having the same bag in several different colors.
  5. The Epi is the only Alma that I really like, and the red is gorgeous...but the Speedy is my all time favorite LV...decisions, decisions.
  6. That's tough decision..

    I love both shapes alma and speedy..I say go for speedy but get speedy 30. I have red epi speedy 25 and yes the opening is little tigher compare to mono speedy 25..
  7. I'd go with the alma, I mean, the alma shape obviously works for you so you should get another ! :yes:
  8. I think both are gorgeous in red, but I prefer the speedy over the alma. The speedy just looks so much younger.
  9. this is a tough one indeed. i had a manic episode last week when i saw a photo of another pf'er's red epi alma and started concocting a plan to sell my red epi speedy to get the red epi alma. but i couldn't do it!

    sooo...get the epi red speedy! i don't have any zipper issues.
  10. Speedy!
  11. Speedy.
  12. Speedy! The alma is nice, but I prefer the red epi on a speedy.
  13. It looks great with both but my vote goes for the Speedy!
  14. Another vote for the Speedy! I just love this shape!!!
  15. This is a tough one. If you really like the alma style, then purchase another alma. If you are looking for a change, then go with the speedy. Personally, I like a variety in my handbags.