Red Epi: Alma or Passy GM?

  1. Please help me decide on what to get. I want something
    > roomy
    > appropriate both for office and weekends
    > easy to maintain

    I'm a person with the most boring outfits! Black suits for the office and t-shirt, jeans, and open-toed heels for the weekends =D

    Another question. describes alma in epi "golden brass pieces for the Red, Black and Mandarin versions, silvery brass pieces for the Blueberry and Mocha versions" but I've seen red epi alma in LV boutique and it has silver brass. same as with the picture in;jsessionid=QQQZWQ1JQVOUECRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_GB

    is the description outdated?
  2. Yes, that description is outdated.

    I guess my recommendation would depend on how much stuff you carry, and whether you want something that zips shut. The Alma holds less than the Passy GM, and it zips shut. I tend to like the roominess of the Passy more, though.
  3. i love the passy GM! plus it can be handheld or shoulder.
  4. the zip one would be dressy and casual as well for everyday uses.
  5. Red epi ANYTHING!! I am so into red right now for some reason.... I like the alma in red the best!
  6. passy gm!
  7. I love my red epi Alma. It's very clean and classic looking. I purchased a shoulder strap to go with it, but I don't use it very often. The hardware is silver tone. I think it's a more classic style than the Passy (which I adore, by the way, but do not own.)
  8. i would get the red alma.
  9. What do you plan to carry in it?
  10. passy
  11. either of them in red is fabulous. you can't go wrong.
  12. I vote for the Passy GM! :yes:
  13. another vote for passy but I prefer just the passy not the GM size...
  14. I vote for the Alma in Red, Red, Red!
  15. I have the red epi Alma and love, love this bag:heart: