Red Epi Agenda & ??? Cles?


What type of Cles should I get for my Agenda?

  1. Mandarin Epi - gold/silver doesn't matter.

  2. Epi Cles with silver hardware - specify colour.

  3. Black Multicolour.

  4. Groom Cles would look alright.

  5. Orange Perfo Cles would look alright.

  6. Other - please specify!!

  7. WTF do you want to attach a Cles for, you nutter??!

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  1. This might sound a little odd, but I've developed this, well, thing about attaching Cles to my Agendas. :shrugs:

    This started when I bought my first Agenda, a Damier Koala which I also use as a wallet, with the Cles being a coin purse and carrying my mini pen. I loved the look of having a Cles attached that when I bought my Large Ring I searched around briefly for a red Epi Cles to attach before discovering by accident that my brown Cherry Blossom Cles looked rather lovely there instead. I use it to carry stamps, small bits of paper/cards, spare hair ties.


    Well now I have a red Epi Agenda MM coming soon (yes, I also have an Agenda Thing, haha), and want a Cles to attach but think neither my Orange Perfo nor my Yellow Groom Cles' would suit the Epi look. Also - and yes, I'm picky - the red Epi Agenda has silver hardware, so I'd need a Cles with silver hardware to match.

    So, any suggestions of what type of Cles would look great with my red Epi? All I can figure is that the best look would be another Epi colour.. For example, there's a lovely Myrtille Blue one on Let-Trade.


    I'd love Mandarin, but have discovered that seeing as these are discontinued and the silver is a new option, a Mandarin with silver hardware doesn't exist. What other Epi Cles colours with silver hardware would look nice with the red? Or should I not be so daft about the gold/silver thang?

    I can't imagine what any other type of canvas or type of Cles would look like with the red Epi, so if you have any suggestions or images of this I'd love to see!

    Here's the Agenda I'm getting..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Love the blue epi clés, FrankieP:smile:
  3. ^^^ Yup, I totally agree. :tup: The Blue Epi Cles gets my vote too.
  4. I think the Groom would look great, but if you want to have a matching EPI, I'd go for the BLUE!
  5. What about the ivory cles?
  6. I love the blue epi! I just got the blue epi noe, That's a good choice I think!
  7. blue epi!
  8. Myrtille Epi or black MC. :yes:
  9. LOL!!!! I voted the WTF one just to tease you!! :p

    I think ivoire Epi would look great!! :yes: Not sure about mandarin against red...maybe even cannelle!
  10. Karman! Hahahaaaa, I was wondering who that was... [​IMG]

    Ivoire, I never thought of that one. Do they have silver hardware? I'm seeing lots of votes for the blue so far! It is a gorgeous blue, and would be very striking against the red.

    I'm double thinking the Groom now, maybe that would look pretty good? The Agenda is to be my training diary, it'd be perfect with that lovely hot colour, and the Groom has always seemed to me half sporty anyway with that stripe. Thing is I'm on the verge of selling my Groom and Perfo Cles, so need to make a decision now really whether I keep them or not as I won't be able to see how they all look together once the Agenda arrives. Maybe even the Perfo would look alright? Then I wouldn't have to go through selling them and buying another (seeing as I'm selling due to buying another item whilst on a ban anyway.. lol). :shrugs:
  11. Ooh I can do a test I suppose with elux pics.. what do you girls think? Would one of these do, and save another purchase?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. i actually think the orange perfo cles would look cute on the agenda~
  13. Hmm.. that might fix my Mandarin craving too. But the gold/silver thing! Would it bug me? I was going to get a silver pen for the Agenda, but maybe I could get a silver pen with gold accents, and play it up a bit?
  14. honestly Frankie~ you can only pretty much see the silver when you open the agenda~ when its closed (which is most times i'd think) you'll just be able to see a gold chain hanging out of the red epi with monogram dangling from it~ so in my point of view~ that's perfectly alright!

    the pen idea sounds good too and will compliment both if you go with my idea :tup:
  15. I voted black MC. If you found a great gold and silver pen the pieces' metal colors would be tied together. If you went solid color I do like the idea of cannelle with red. Blue and red would just be so much.