Red Envelopes

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  1. @louloumoo - I understand you want to avoid conflict but I would encourage you to say something. While it does seem minor, I would be inclined to think this could be a good 'learning' for the SA/store as a whole. The Store Director may not be aware of this kind of disrespectful behavior. You're not there to cause a uproar, you're reminding them that you're the client!
  2. I would find a new SA pronto. This is the kind of SA relationship that you pour money into with nothing to show for it. I’m by no stretch a VIP and my SA offered me the cards with only a medium size purchase (~$2k). And I honestly think it’s because he thought I would like them and not because I bought something. Run.
  3. That is so kind of you!
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  4. You’re right, I wouldn’t want others to feel less than just because they don’t spend top dollar amounts.
    I’m going to think about it for the next time I go in.
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  5. LouLoumoo, I hope you will meet a wonderful sa in the future, who will appreciate your patronage and love for the brand. The sa was just plain rude when she said your purchases didn’t qualify to get red envelopes. I have a feeling she probably has a lot of clients who buy a whole lot and so, she cares to serve them well instead. Unless she has I’ve had sas in the past from other brands who have treated me like they didn’t care for my business . I’m sure that once you find a Sa who works well with you, good things will come your way . It took a while for me to establish a good relationship with my sa. I was a walk-in client and he was the first sa I spoke to. It was only after a few visits that the rapport was built. Just like last year, I got the envelopes without purchasing anything big. Like other members have suggested, consider getting a new sa in the near future. Good luck to you and happy new year!
  6. I know this seems daunting (you mentioned you don't like conflict) but casually mentioning it to the store director is enough to get your point across. Then you can segue into asking for a new SA that will suit your needs better.

    Good luck - the H gods will reward you soon!
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  7. @louloumoo Please get a new SA! There's absolutely no restrictions in who gets them, you don't have to be a VIP. They are offered to anyone who looks like they celebrate CNY. I was able to get mine without any big purchases last year. I still have not purchased a B/K/C from my home store and I was even offered 2 packets (12 in each) this year. Good luck! you deserve so much better : )
  8. I’m going to be going in Monday! :smile:
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  9. Thank you! Yes I’m planning on asking for a new SA when I go in Monday for a purchase.
    Hmmm, maybe she didn’t really want to give them out to me because I don’t look like I celebrate CNY. I’m not Asian. But I have friends/family that are and that celebrate CNY.
    Ever since I received my first red envelope I fell in love with collecting them.
  10. Can you please walk back in there like Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman and tell the snooty SA, “You work on commission right? Big mistake”. I would have to do a jig if you did

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  11. Lol, omg hilarious.
    Can’t promise I’ll actually do that, but I’ll definitely play that scene out in my head :biggrin: