Red Envelopes

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  1. Hi y’all I was wondering if Hermes gives out Hermes branded red envelopes for the Lunar New Year in the US, I know they do in Asia and that Louis Vuitton does in the US.
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  2. Yes
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  3. Just got my red envelopes !
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  4. Was there anything inside?!?
  5. Anyone seen them in Europe?
  6. Hi, just red envelopes with ribbons ....
  7. Gotcha.. just wondering if i should Do red envelopes for the staff at my home store.. but i know They can’t accept money so just curious if anyone had any ideas.
  8. Food to share - cookies, cupcakes, snacks, special fruit baskets etc. I think this is safe.
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  9. Thank you! Yes this is what i think As well, and something i enjoy Doing. But I love Chinese New Year and wondering if there was a way to incorporate the red envelopes. Maybe a gold wrapped chocolate bar :biggrin:
  10. So cute!!
  11. Got mine today as well!
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  12. Hi everyone!

    I’m fairly new to H, but becoming obsessed quickly lol.
    I visited my local boutique a few days ago and purchased a Bearn wallet for my mom and a rodeo charm for myself.
    I saw that they had a couple boxes of the Chinese New Year envelopes behind their counter and a stack of loose envelopes. I asked if it would be possible to have just one single envelope since I’ve been collecting them from all my favorite fashion houses this year. I didn’t want to seem greedy asking for a whole box.
    My SA told me I didn’t spend enough to receive any.
    I know I didn’t spend as much as a bag would of been but it was still a 3k purchase all together.
    And I did purchase a Picotin from her a month ago as well as a scarf and some other small things.

    I still love H of course, but sometimes I feel discouraged with situations like these. I mean it’s only a red piece of paper after all :-s
  13. I felt for you
    The store was wrong to displayed them
    Was even more wrong
    To replied you that way

    Those freebies are generally reserved for long time customers and VIP
    Limited stocks always

    Given out discretely as always hermes style

    Yes just one piece to delight you or anyone wont cost them a thing
    Shame on them
  14. Aww hugs. Change your sales person! That’s an awful feeling and you dun deserve feeling like that
  15. Thank you!
    Yea I’ll get over it soon and probably find a new SA that I can build a relationship with.
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