red emilie or azur pochette accessories?

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  1. hi guys need your help! i really want a small bag something that i can also wear as a crossbody i love the emilie wallets also, im torn between the two. pls help which would you choose? btw, thanks for helping me pick my first LV purchase for xmas!
  2. If you are looking for a cross body bag I would go for the Azur pochette accessories or the Eva...not sure if you've looked at that bag but it can be worn cross body, comes in azur, and is really gorgeous! I would wait on the wallet until you get your bag! Good luck with your decision!
  3. i'd recommend the azur eva as well since u wanted something crossbody. Price-wise maybe u can calculate the cost of having the pochette acc. + a long strap and see which is cheaper.
  4. Get the eva! A pochette is nice but the strap costs a lot, I would upgrade to an eva...
  5. pochette
  6. Depends on the rest of your collection. If you want a cross-body bag, I wouldn't get the wallet. But if you don't have an LV wallet and need one, I think you'll get more use out of it than a cross-body bag.

    I got an Eva and Emilie last week - exchanged my Eva for a NF. They're so different, it's hard to compare a Pochette and wallet.
  7. Pochette accessories!
  8. I'd probably get the pochette and strap. I think it is a bit more versatile than the Eva in that it can also be used in a purse.
  9. i agree eva....

  10. I agree!
  11. I'd look into the Eva!
  12. Between your two choices, definitely the pochette. I don't like long wallets :smile:
  13. go for the pochette
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    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    Azur Eva!!!!
  15. thanks guys! i think i will go for the pochette and strap, i did try the eva and it was really long, so i just going to get the adjustable strap for the pochette! thanks again!