Red Elisha - too heavy?

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  1. I have been carrying mine around for 2 days now and my shoulder is killing me! its never happened with my previous bag and i hardly keep anything in my Elisha, just the basics.

    Im hoping it goes away otherwise this wont be able to be an every day bag:sad:
  2. I actually think that mine is surprisingly light. Even since I got it I carry around more things since its bigger than my other bags and haven't had a problem.

    Let us know!
  3. This confuses me, I thought the Elisha was much lighter than the previous Koobas, no?
  4. May be, it is too light? I mean if the Elisha is slipping off your shoulder you are straining your muscles and feeling the pain?
  5. Belini must be carrying around bricks with her...LOL
    I find the Elisha is ultra light compared to some of it's Counterparts. Maybe it's just your shoulder that doesn't like the weight. Mine only gets too heavy when I carry books in it.
  6. thats ok, i knew it was something wrong with me!! haha
    I probably just need to get used to it especially since my last bag was tiny
  7. Don't ever get a Sienna! You'll have to bring a dolly with you. ;)

    I generally carry very large bags, so I'm used to a lot of weight, but even the Sienna was a killer for me. Or even worse - the ADA woven tote! My friend had to take it and carry it for me during a day of shopping. I felt like Charla from the Amazing Race when Mirna always takes her pack from her. :wtf:

  8. :roflmfao: