Red Edith going back to NM

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  1. Ugh....I think I am not destined to have a Chloe.
    All the bags were nice leather, the colors were nice/attractive BUT....
    First up - was the Edith Large Satchel, not the classic shape but the one that opened up and was way too big - like luggage. This one went back.
    Second up - was the Silverado Chamois Hobo. I wasn't too keen on how the top of the bag draped and it really didn't make me swoon. My husband, a man of exquisite taste (just trust me on this) mentioned that it was kinda ho hum and that my private label Tano from Barney's was a better, more stylish bag that looked better on me (it drapes so nicely).
    Third up - Red Edith, classic. NM posted the incorrect dimenions for the bag, so it's a bit larger than expected. Also - there is a very small gouge in the leather - on the front of the bag. Not cool. Though the bottom of the bag is structured, when I put my stuff in it - it droops in the center. Not cool.
    I am also a bit surprised at how the interior of the bags are pretty cell phone pockets, additional zip areas, etc. The hobo did have a cell phone pocket, but that was pretty much it.
    Thus, I have struck out.
    Long dissertation and hopefully someone will benefit from my experience.
    Long story short......
    Red Edith coming back to NM inventory.......
  2. Sorry to hear that! I bought one of the Ediths so you have me a little nervous...

    When you say the dimensions are off, did they send you the large or medium Edith? The dimensions and description made it look like the medium Edith which is the size I'm looking for.
  3. It's the medium....the length stated was pretty accurate, but it's taller (maybe by 1.5") and it's about 6" wide. It's definitely NOT the larger satchel.
    Hope this helps and hope that you love your Edith!