Red Edith Dome $465 TODAY ONLY!

  1. Great deal for someone that looking. I believe nm last call stores had it for 747 previously. Hope someone here gets her.
  2. :nuts: wow... thats a great price!!! The lowest I've seen that bag go for, I hope someone snags that quick:tup:!
  3. thanks Mona!!! that is a great price...i'm trying so hard to talk myself out of it :girlsigh:
  4. You really should get it, its such a fabulous price!
  5. WOW, what a steal, must exercise control.........
  6. Wish it had a third strap, it would make a very fab diaper bag!!!
  7. i have coveted that bag for so long and it sux to be broke right now!
  8. this is a perfect time to test my self control! waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! :lecture:man it's soooo hard!!!!
  9. Aww - come a BAAAAD girl! It's more fun!
  10. Yeah you really really should be bad.....I wonder if its still there though!
  11. that is the coolest bag! I just called but lisa has gone for the night, they said someone had it on hold & to try her tomorrow, i've got my fingers crossed :smile:
  12. I actually bought that bag last year and ended up returning it because I had decided I didn't 'need it'. I bought it at the crazy markdowns around $700, but this price is so tempting and the lowest I've heard about. It is a beautiful bag, very large, but beautiful.
  13. Mona_Danya, you have the BEST contacts! :tup:

    Thanks for posting. This bag is on my wish list, I will be looking out for one too!

    I am so :nuts: about the sales!
  14. oooh i wonder who put it on hold?!? I hope it's one of us PFers....:graucho: guess we'll find out soon.