Red Edith Bowler $747

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  1. Hello-I was in the Miami NMLC store today and saw a gorgeous red (rouge?) edith bowler for $747. reg $1,660. It's a g:yes:orgeous big bag!
  2. You're right, it is beautiful. I had ordered one from Neiman's last spring on sale, but ended up returning it, not because it wasn't great, just because I had gone 'purse crazy' and decided I didn't need another bag. The leather and the color are absolutely gorgeous. What a great price--thanks for the heads up, I'm sure someone will grab this one. If I hadn't just bought the red patent Betty, I might be tempted again.
  3. Ohh llson I know all about your red patent Betty & am sooo happy for you :yahoo:That is a gorgeous bag-the patent is so pretty & the color is so rich & the chain is just soooo unique!! I'm still thinking about that red edith this morning....I can't get that color off my mind llson but i've gone a little 'purse crazy' myself lately, it's such a good deal though, I love that huge bowler bag, i already have the black and jade & am expecting the muscade in the mail....but...that red :p
  4. What' one more bag......LOL......that red is a great color. Chloe does the 'best' red.