Red edge on vachetta

  1. Does anyone have an LV reference book (John? Rebecca?) and can tell me a bit about the red edge that is on the vachetta. I am curious...what is it? Is it a sealant? What is its purpose? Why is it bright red and glossy on some and dull on others? Does it change over time? Can it be cleaned to return to its bright color?
  2. I believe it is a sealant

    Used to be more of a brickish color and now more reddish

    Not sure if it can be cleaned - maybe re-applied if it cracks over time
  3. its to seal the edges so that they dont fray. when it starts to wear off it can be reaplyed.
  4. to have it re-applyed to you have to send it to the LV ppl and then they send your bag away to do it? i wonder how much it costs?...