Red dress stained white purse

  1. Good morning everybody! I was wondering if anybody as had experience with this. I was wearing a red dress and I didn't know that the whole time my white bag was getting stained from rubbing against my dress. Does anyone know how to get this type of stain out? What do you use?
  2. What type of bag is it? Leather? Suede?
  3. For finished leather, many people use the Magic Rub white drawing eraser. Worked last night on my friend's ecru colored bag, to get blue jean staining off. Worth a try as it shouldn't damage the leather at all.
  4. It's a leather bag. I might try the Magic Rub eraser. Do they sell it at places like Target and Walmart? Thanks.
  5. I got them at Staples. But I assume target, etc. would have them.
  6. Maybe take it to a shoe repair and see if they have anything? Good luck!
  7. With white bags you always have to watch what you wear. Any light colored bag or bag with a lot of vachetta, I always wear white to with really light bottoms.
  8. If you can't get the stain out, take it to a Place and have them dye it red. Or do it yourself!