Red diamond stitch tote at Saks - pics*

  1. I was at Saks tonight in Troy, MI. They had the large red diamond stitch tote and another bag I don't know the name of. I took these pics with my cell, so they're kind of blurry. I didn't get any prices.
    If you're interested call Delyse and please tell her April referred you. Her number is 248-808-0712.
    101207_19491[1] (2).jpg 101207_19511[1] (2).jpg
  2. The red DS is freakin' amazing! *covers eyes*
  3. Was that a cell phone number? Tried calling and it went to a cell phone like voice mail...
  4. I want the DS tote..yum!!!! Was waiting for a red jumbo but i think that is a long way away. The one on the right is the hidden chain bag..i think.

    I was after a red everyday bag...having not seen the DS tote IRL, would it make a good everyday bag?

    Who else stocks the DS tote..if anyone sees it please let me know.
  5. It's just called the Diamond Stitch tote I believe- I called the 800 number for Chanel and they had both black and white available in the boutiques- both sizes.
  6. The red DS is from the fall 06 collection. The price of the large at that time was $1750. For fall 07 only black and white are available at $1995 for the large. My feeling is that even though the red one is from last year, it was hit with the increase as well.
  7. Yes, it's her cell. She'll be in tomorrow. She's the best SA ever, IMO.
  8. Can i ask why does a red suddenly appear if it is from last season..would it be a return or do they get more stock?
  9. gorrrgeous red! i really like the DS tote in this shade.
  10. Yes, it's truly a beautiful red in person. If I didn't have 2 red Chanel's already, I'd be tempted.
    I don't know if it was a return, but I doubt it. Saks only takes returns for 60 days. Maybe it was just hidden somewhere? It looked to be in perfect condition.
  11. there's another thread about a surge of these bags being released to the stores....

    I'm probably going to get one in Black....
  12. Alaska, can you point me to that thread? I just bought one and I hope that I didn't overpay. Thanks!:sweatdrop:
  13. i like this bag so much.. its classic but edgy..
  14. The leather smells DIVINE on this bag!!!!