Red Devin finally here!

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  1. Well she took awhile to get here, but it was worth the wait!!! Love, love, love her. It's a darker red than I had thought it would be, and a tad larger as well, but it's perfect. Not too big, and not too small. Very smooshy, and that smell, to die for! Please disregard the fat face in the photo. I posted a few pics in the 'pictures of your koobas' thread, but will put them here as well, since I've been meaning to do this for quite awhile!
    First - Devin!
    devin 1.jpg devin front.jpg devin back.jpg
    Smooth black Sienna:
    sienna 1.jpg
    Brown (I don't know the name of the actual color, so if anyone knows, fill me in!) Virginia:
    virginia front.jpg
  2. Huskylover, your Devin is really beautiful. And I know what you mean about that red leather, it is luscious like rose petals.

    It looks great on you.
  3. Beautiful Devin, HL! And... you look fabulous BTW in the modeling pic!!!
  4. That bag looks gorgeous on you and that is a great red (and I don't even wear red, but I love this:heart:)
  5. Wow! You look great, and the bag does too! Congratulations!! I love that color red and your black Sienna is wonderful.
  6. Fabulous, Fabulous! You are a hottie too, girl! :tup:
  7. That gorgeous bag is the perfect size and shade of red. It will go with everything in the universe! I'm jealous!
  8. HuskyLover, your red Devin looks great on you. I also like the look of your Virginia. Enjoy your Koobas!
  9. I think I'd like to get a Black Devin one day. Maybe at the after Christmas sales there will be one somwhere. The leather on the Elisha/Devin/Bonnie is sooooo nice. That is why I tried the Bonnie. But I KNOW the Devin won't be too small.
  10. Wow, that red Devin is stunning! It looks great on you, congrats!
  11. it looks fabulous on you!
  12. Gorgeous!!! That's just the perfect red.
  13. beautiful!!! :smile: the devin looks so great i may have to think about a black one as well lexie :smile: hehe cause i have elisha too and its SO soft and perfect
    and i love the way the devin looks on you huskylover!
  14. It looks gorgeous on you. I have a new bag i must have-- never looked at the Devin until now. You're going to push me into purse ban territory.....
  15. Oooh, both Bessie and Lexie are going to join me?!!! I really needed a red bag, but I can just imagine it in black too. I love the fact that the leather is more of a matte finish, and is sooooo soft.
    Go for it girls!!!