RED delicious -- Instant Reveal : Saffiano Bi-fold wallet

  1. Here we go!!!
  2. Love the style and couldn't resist the color :smile:
  3. since i made my purchase only -- every details needed to be inspected : )
  4. hope it helps in case someone is looking to get one
  5. Beautiful wallet! Congrats!!!
  6. Oop! I mean "online" not "only"
  7. Very nice, I like this style:yahoo::yahoo:
  8. thanks!!
  9. I love the style. Really cute and compact. What is the style number? If you don't mind me asking. I have to go and get one.
  10. Here it is. I think the style number is 1M1225_QWA_F068Z :roflmfao::graucho:

    Other color looks nice too.I had a hard time choosing the right one :biggrin:

  11. Thanks!!...the size is just perfect for me :biggrin::smile:
  12. I have the same wallet in cornflower blue. I love the wallet and it is high quality.
  13. Such a pretty color
  14. Love it! Great color too.
  15. thanks guys !! hope u enjoyed the reveal :smile: