Red Croc Knot Clutch - Still Available?


Jul 17, 2006
Just called the store in Singapore for you, and unfortch, they don't have the Carmino Croc Knot in stock.

G'luck with your search! :flowers:


Nov 7, 2006
Monaco di Baviera

I am looking for the red croc clutch (from Fall/Winter 2007 I believe?) but am unable to find it in my nearest BV boutique. If anyone has seen it recently, please do kindly let me know! I am hoping it can be my first BV! Thank youuu!
Where do you live? US, Europe or Asia? I can ask at my store for you, but I am in Europe and I don't think they'll send it across the pond or to Asia (which really does suck!!!)....
But do you have the style reference for the clutch or have a way to get your hands on it?? Because your store could run a search through their computer system and they can find out which store on your continent has it in stock and will get it for you!!!

Good luck!:heart:


Dec 22, 2007
Hi Nymph! Thank you for calling the shop for me! Very sweet of you!

Hi Jula! I am in Asia and my store told me that they cannot do searches. I have also tried the online BV personal shopper from the US but was told they only have the black croc left. They offered to do a special order though...but I am hoping there'll still be 1 lying around in a shop somewhere!!! If you do see it in your shop, do let me know. Maybe I can convince them to ship to a friend in the UK! Many thanks!!!