Red Croc Kelly

  1. Im absolutely new to the world of Hermes as you can see Im Chanel obsessed...I would love toknow how do I get a hold of a red croc Kelly and how much does it actually retail there a difference between red and glazed red?

    Thanx so much xoxo
  2. i'm not sure the price difference between the glazed and nonglazed. a 28 cm croc kelly was 17,700 us dollars earlier this month.
  3. Thank you :smile:
    Is the 28 too small or is the 32 one better if there is a 32??
  4. I think 28cm would be just fine (esp. in red). JMO, of course.
  5. It probably depends on your height and what size bag you are comfortable would be a beautiful bag!
  6. Well I just saw one from a reseller and it's only 40,000, lol. Gorgeous though! It's probably 5-8,000 below that at retail but then you have to take diamonds into account if they're on the bag which a lot of them are lately.

    Oops, sorry. You said kelly and I was talking about birkin. I think a new croc kelly is between $20,000 - $25,000 ish? Not 100 percent sure on the exact price but it's in that range.