red/cream or brown/pink cherry blossom pochette?`


Which color do you prefer?

  1. Red/Cream

  2. Brown/Pink

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Which would you get? (assuming you like this line ;) )
  2. the red/cream is the only color combination i like. it's also the rarest among the three :yes:
  3. Red/cream here, too!!
  4. Red/Cream, because it's the rarest
  5. I don't particularly care for the line but if I was going to acquire one of the bags I would purchase the red and cream.
  6. also, would you buy the red/cream even if you'd get more use out of the brown/pink? That is the only thing holding me back
  7. I have both...and although I haven't used them that much I see myself using the brown/pink more. BUT that said...the red/cream is so gorgeous IRL and is the rarer color combo...makes it more of a collectors item because they are harder to find.
  8. I know I am the odd ball, I don't care for the cream / red. The brown pink will go everything.
  9. Love Love Love Brown/pink combo
  10. I love the pink/pink BEST but out of those I like the red/cream!
  11. It must be a sign, because she got an offer on the red/cream and sold it. So I got the brown/pink instead.
  12. I have the brown/pink and prefer that to all other CBs, rarer or not :love: Congrats on your new CB pochette!
  13. my friend has a red/cream wallet...its soo cute!!! but i like the pink/pink better.
  14. hmm I like all the cherry blossom colors, but I like pink/white the best. Since I have the brown/pink pochette I voted for that one, I still love it!
  15. I love brown/pink.