Red color shoes...yay or nay?

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I was wondering what you ladies think about red color shoes....something yummy like this stuart wietzman? Would you wear red shoes? If so, what outfit would it go with?
    Most of my shoes color are pretty neutral. I just got into this bright color recently and I think it's great for spring and summer but not sure if it's too bright? and what outfit will look good with it?:shrugs:

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  2. Red shoes are a great pop to a neutral outfit...go for it!
  3. I love the look of red shoes and a little black dress. Tres chic! They would also look great with jeans and a sexy top. Red shoes are a must. They also be fabulous when paired with something yellow.
  4. I have that shoe. Wear it with a lot - browns, blacks, whites, blues, etc. I find it really versatile. But I LOVE color.
  5. I love red shoes. I only have two pairs of red shoes but plan to wear them with lots of outfits. I'll be wearing mine with a little black dress, or a white summery dress or maybe shorts.
  6. love red shoes
  7. i love red shoes. they look fantastic with jeans and black dresses. i like to wear mine with a white tee, navy blue "marine" style blazer, and dark wash cropped joe's. i think they look adorable.
  8. Love Red!
  9. Red shoes are always a yay for me!
  10. I love red shoes! Wore mine to work just yesterday :smile:
  11. I love red shoes...I have 3 pairs!!

    They're great if you don't usually wear a lot of adds a 'pop' of color to any outfit. I'm usually in a lot of grey, white and black so I love my red shoes!
  12. Red shoes are a must!! I wear a lot of neutrals so I really rely on my red shoes to add a punch of color.
  13. Thanks ladies. I own two pair of red shoes but haven't worn them much. I will try your suggesstions...can't wait:smile:
  14. love red!
  15. :heart: red shoes - they always give you a lift, doesn't matter what the outfit or occasion.