Red Coco Cabas

  1. Hi All,

    I just called my SA in Sydney to check where I am in the waitlist for the Black Vinyl Cabas and was advised they are not getting the black anymore but a red and a grey instead in vinyl. Has anyone seen these colours yet. If so, what are they like? Pictures would even be better. Thanks
  2. i just got the same email from sydney boutique... i'd love to know what the colours look like too...
  3. Oh you got an email. I had to chase them up with a phonecall nearly every week and I get told a different timeframe all the time....They said to me either next week or the week after. What did they tell you. Thanks
  4. they said that the balck has sold out and not expecting anymore, but expecting red and grey soon. they also expect the leather coco cabas on 27 nov.

    so i'm thinking that the red and grey might be before 27 nov?

    lets hope they get more than one of each.. so we can both have it ;)
  5. They said that they are expecting 4 of each colour (red and grey). Are you on the waitlist cause you have to be on the waitlist. I missed out on the first batch.
  6. Red and gray in the vinyl cabas - the original one? :confused1:
  7. I never saw red, but the gray has been around in leather. Red sounds like it could be interesting.
  8. are the new red and gray vinyl cabas in the original size and style or the new size?
  9. not sure as yet to find out.
  10. Thanks Loveone7 but I think I will wait and check out the red one next week it sounds devine to miss out on.
  11. RED?:drool: more info plz
  12. apparently, there's a waitlist of 50 people now in sydney boutiqe...

    and they kept giving out different information to everyone..

    my sis went in and the sa told her that they're getting 10 coco cabas, but she has never heard of a red coco cabas... :S and they might come aytime from dec-feb....

    my friend went in the day before and was told that no more coco cabas will be coming in to sydney....

    i'm just reaaalllyy confused now.... :S