red coach tote

  1. I like it. its very bright
  2. this must an older style though... anyone know?
  3. yes its a old style. Its a cute bag though
  4. I love red bags & that one is very pretty.
  5. I love the red sig. line :smile: I think it was last winter...? I remember they had the red sig. medium duffle last winter...can't remember if they had this one or not though...
  6. Really great color, I don't recall ever seeing that color though, anyone?
  7. not for me
  8. I love it. Red's my favourite colour and I :heart: red bags. Plus, I like the style of it.
  9. I think that this is a really old bag, and I would check the Outlets. I don't remember the lunch tote style from last Christmas's red stuff at all.